Future Surveillance Technologies

Gathering information is a crucial part of any investigation, and an absolute must when investigating cases of matrimonial infidelity or insurance fraud, private investigation companies are usually quick to seize upon future surveillance technologies as they are released.

A lot of these technologies are developed in the military arena, although they are initially very expensive mainly due to the R&D expense, the cost soon reduces once they become produced in mass volume and the component parts are produced in countries with lower costs such as the far east.

Take for instance the development of UAV (Unmanned Ariel Vehicle) which are planes without on-board pilots. These have been used to fly in otherwise dangerous airspace and deliver payloads to high risk locations. Now take that full-size technology and miniaturize it……..well its already happened, as illustrated in the picture below. (see the British Army Test pictures and video below)


If we use Gordon Moores law, which is essentially cost halves and capacity doubles each 18 months it follows that the development of these unit will soon be common place in the theatre of war, and not long after, civilian life. It is, depending on your point of view (not) that the future is most definitely Orwellian. Current surveillance technologies such as CCTV and speed cameras pale to insignificance with the advent of what is being developed and the word privacy may soon have to be redefined. We are as, a company and individuals, firm proponents of individual and societal rights to privacy. Mass surveillance (CCTV) has not reduced crime, it has therefore been proven, not to work for the purpose it was intended.

The micro-nano UAV below is not so much in future as around the corner.


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