Signs that your partners cheating on you

Most of us have been in a relationship where we get signs that your partner is cheating on you. It’s not just men that cheat, women do it to. I get asked all the time, how do you know when someone is cheating?


If you suspect your partners is cheating, keep a daily log with date and time. Write down everything that made you feel suspicious. This can include being late getting home from work to just acting funny. If you keep this log for a month or so, you may find a pattern. For example, ever Tuesday they are late getting home from work and they are acting very weird. Find a pattern that will lead you to the source.

Here are my 10 signs :-

  1. Mobile Phone: If your partner is very protective of their cell phone, they may be trying to hide text messages or phone calls. Yes, I know you can erase text messages and phone calls. I honestly believe if your partner will not leave the phone in the room with you alone, they are trying to hide something. Text messages during late night hours is another sign. If they are getting text messages and being guarded, I would be very suspicious.
  2. Attitude: Attitude is everything. Mood swings to me is a sign to look for. If your partner goes out and comes home in a bad mood or is acting weird for say….not wanting anything to do with you, if they are cheating, they are feeling guilty but place the blame on you for it.
  3. Clothing: If you can smell perfume or cologne then it’s a huge possibility they have been around someone else. It’s not uncommon for people to hug others who wear large amount of perfume or cologne. This by itself doesn’t make them a cheater but if they have been out late or all night for that matter and they blame it on a family member or friend don’t be afraid to ask questions. Make-up….if a guy comes home with make up on his shirt smelling like a women, it’s possible he’s been out dancing or maybe even the strip bar. I can tell you this much, if your partner comes home and runs to the laundry room to start laundry right away, they are covering their tracks.
  4. Bathroom: Here is another crazy one for you. If your partner comes home and goes straight to the bathroom, showers, or whatever, this could be a sign too.
  5. Going Out:  If you ask to go out with your partner and they tell you NO! you can’t go. Either they are meeting someone or they are not really going where they say they are. If for some weird chance they do allow you to go but act like you are not even with them, it’s time to take notice. Watch the room because it’s possible the person or person’s are going to show up. If you happen to see someone spending a lot of time around them that you don’t know, be weary.
  6. Sex: This one is never an easy subject to tackle. This can go several different ways. First if they are not interested in having sex with you but once in a blue moon there could be a problem. Change in sex habits is a sign to watch for. If they are trying out new things but in the past kept them the same all the time, I would ask why the new interest? Lastly being preoccupied during the act.
  7. Truck/Car: If your partner keeps the truck/car locked and they don’t want you getting anything out of it unless they are with you, it’s possible a sign. If the keys to that car are not kept out in the open and they are hiding them from you. It’s a reason behind it.
  8. Unexplained Receipts: Dinner for two, that’s not uncommon but if you find a receipt for jewellery or lingerie dated around Christmas and it’s March and you know you didn’t receive that type of gift from him that’s a clear bonus they are cheating. Don’t be surprised to hear they picked that up for a buddy or they lost it.
  9. Friends: If your partner is hanging out with single people or married one’s that you know cheat on their partner’s you should be concerned. Single people go out to mingle with other singles. I am not saying it’s not ok to have single friends when you’re in a relationship but if they are out all the time and you’re never invited, this is a sign.
  10. Your Gut Instinct: By far your gut instinct is the best source you will ever have. You should always trust your gut feelings. The feeling of sickness in the pit of your stomach when you see them drag in at dawn should never be ignored. I believe our mind and body exerts the fact that we are being cheated on long before our heart ever does. I hope this list of signs will help you. If you can only say one of these things have happened then I don’t think your partner is cheating but if you can answer yes to 7 of the 10 then you should be concerned. In my opinion, if  you’re having to ask yourself if your partner is cheating, then you deserve someone who would never make you feel that way.
A bond of mutual trust

A bond of mutual trust

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