Our London Investigations Team

At Investigators Greater London (IGL) we offer a friendly, discreet and professional service by using experienced, ex-military and government male and female private investigators from a variety of ethnic backgrounds.

Our Investigators

At Investigators Greater London (IGL) we offer a friendly, discreet, professional and comprehensive service by using experienced, ex-military, corporate and government, male and female private investigators from a wide range of ethnic backgrounds. This allows us to use the most appropriate investigators for the task. All our operatives are professional, dedicated, polite and very discreet. They will be there to guide you through the twists and turns of their case. We have determination, drive and pay special attention to detail, clients are able to receive results fast not to mention the time and money saved.

Our Investigations

We operate across the whole of the Greater London area. We can also carry out investigations across the whole UK from our London base using associates spread all over the country. Whilst we are engaged on operations we can provide you with real-time feedback as the case progresses by relaying information and imagery to you. Clients can log on to a web-based program to review updates of their case 24 hours per day and 7 days a week. This allows us to give you conclusive results with greater speed. Investigators Greater London provides clients with hourly flat rate packages along with full written reports with clear time and date stamped images and HD Video.

Our Investigative Procedures

The Leveson inquiry highlighted investigative malpractice. We have always employed high standards of professionalism which we regard as very important to our investigativions, and to you our valued client. We employ SIA (Security Industry Association) badge holders who are trained in correct investigative procedures, to the standards of the currently recognized API (Academy of Private Investigation) qualification. We offer a discreet service for our clients and ensure we remain within the correct legal framework and the evidence obtained is legally admissible in court .

Our Investigative Equipment

Our surveillance equipment includes covert manned or unmanned vehicles ,which can be deployed in a wide amount of situations all over the London area. Our covert surveillance equipment ranges from button cameras and hand held miniature cameras, to long range SLR cameras fitted with night vision. We also have the use remote location thermal imaging which is used to relay imagery to mobile hand sets via GSM signals.
We can fit cameras to vehicles in order to record anything that happens between you and others on the road. We also fit tracking equipment to vehicles to monitor their movements.
If required, we can deploy (fit) hidden cameras in residential rooms or businesses. Our Private Investigators have the correct knowledge and experience to use this surveillance equipment effectively in order to gather accurate evidence. This evidence is available to you as soon as you require it, in the form of up to date reports.

Example Investigations


Employment Investigations

A client was in need of our assistance to prove that she was eligible for certain entitlements that her employer had refused her

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Covert Surveillance

Our business client was experiencing a higher than normal shrinkage (loss) rate than in previous accounting periods in a number of their stores.

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