Miniature Surveillance Camera – Example Footage

Our miniature surveillance cameras whether hand held or worn on the body are of the highest quality and are regularly updated to the latest models out on the market guaranteeing you the clearest images available. These can be used in many scenarios and are very rarely detected when used by an experienced operator. Mini cameras offer you the opportunity to collect sensitive and covert material.

mini-2.4-cameraCameras can be deployed either covert or overt. In the main it is covert which are used to film and gather evidence. Cameras can be placed on surfaces internal and external. Body worn for close up work when dealing with individuals face to face. Some cameras have the ability to send from their location GSM photo images/video and run on battery power for weeks/months at a time, these are particularly useful in remote or difficult placements be that rural or where a surveillance operative would be apparent.

Placing a surveillance operative is sometime not possible or the cost is such that it is outweighed when compared to a remote camera. The success of a surveillance is whether the objective has been fulfilled.

This video shows the quality and clarity of the footage obtained using our covert miniature cameras.

Click the button at the bottom-right of the video to view in full screen.

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