Investigators Greater London Case Studies

Case 1

Employment Investigations

Recently our client was in need of our assistance to prove that she was eligible for certain entitlements that her employer had refused her. We managed to prove her eligibly and also discovered that internal management had forged documents. In court, after we had proved that the questioned documents had contained falsified signatures, the lay judge ruled in favour of our client. A final ruling of constructive dismissal was declared and our client was finally able to receive the entitlement she was due, a compensation payment, and retained an impeccable employment history.

Case 2

Undercover Investigation

Covert Survellance Investigation

One of our clients was experiencing a higher than normal shrinkage (losses) rate than in previous accounting periods in a number of their stores. Security guards were in operation, electronic tags were placed on items, and reviews of CCTV cameras had not been able to reveal the source of the losses. We managed to place a surveillance operative into the workforce at one of the retail stores.
It soon became apparent that a number of individuals were involved. Someone posing as a customer would enter the store and buy a number of low value items. As these items were being bagged, further higher value items that had been de-tagged, were added to the legitimately purchased items. The bagging took place out of view of the CCTV cameras and the “customer” then departed. The same scam was also in operation at three other stores.

Case 3

Infidelity Issues Investigation

This is in all probability the foremost common instruction we tend to receive. Unfortunately affairs are a part of human nature but that is to not say that each relationship is going to be troubled by such problems. In reality most relationship don’t suffer from this compliant. However if you have suspicions then you ought to take precautions. We are typically approached because the behavior of the partner has modified or is out of character.