Infidelity Issues



Infidelity Issues

If you have suspicions that you have Infidelity issues then IGL are here for you. Your suspicions may well be true but how can you know beyond any doubt? This is the most common request that we receive and we are always able to give you the conclusive evidence you require either way. We supply video and still image evidence as part of a our written report for you.

Being the victim of infidelity is one of the most painful experiences we can go through and it can get worse if prolonged. This can be a severe financial burden if left unchecked. We are fully aware of the problems that you face and we are able to help clients with these issues by providing you with the proof you require. We also carry out potential partner eligibility and background investigations.

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What to do?

If your spouse or partner suddenly change their attitude towards you, come home from work later than usual, start to dress up to leave the home, when they would previously not bother. These are all signs of infidelity. If you have suspicions of infidelity you should act quickly, as you may find that inaction has a detrimental effect on both your wealth and health. All of our clients are rightly concerned about their confidentiality, and our assurance to them is that we will handle all of their requirements with total discretion. Either call us on 0333 444 2911.

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