In Car Dashboard Cameras

In car dashboard cameras have soared in popularity recently and offer the safe driver assurance that no matter what happens when they are driving the events will be recorded.

Blackvue-WiFi-cameraDriving in Manchester, Liverpool, London or any major city, increases the risk of accident damage and over the years I have been involved in a couple of car accidents myself. The difficulty, after an incident for your insurance company, can be proving  the other driver to be liable for the damage. We have a number of vehicles which have fitted the Blackvue camera system which records 24/7.  The units cost a couple of hundred pounds but are worth their weight in gold for the video footage that they capture whilst the vehicle is moving and when parked.

As I mentioned we decided to deploy these cameras on all our vehicles and it came in particularly useful the other night when an on coming driver went into the front wing of my own vehicle. I for one feel that we live in a culture which in many ways is very invasive, a strange comment from a private investigator you may think perhaps ! However we also have great respect for individuals rights,  the proliferation of CCTV cameras in our society has to be balanced against the right to privacy, we all should have to move freely without continual monitoring (strategic security location accepted).

Getting back to the subject matter, these unit now offer WiFi so that your smartphone can see real-time footage (especially useful to correct the angle of the lens) and the recorded events. Catching perpetrators in the act defines the moment, the recording can then be used to confront or prosecute.

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