Handwriting and Document Analysis

Disputed writing and documents can be clarified by using handwriting, document analysis and comparison examination

Many times documents or signatures can be forged, if this occurs our handwriting analysis experts using the correct analysis and comparison will be able to establish authenticity. We offer handwriting and document analysis services covering misrepresentation within Passports, Travel Documents, Visas, Diplomas, Degrees apprenticeship, Trade Papers, Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Final Divorce Papers, Annulment Papers, Separation Papers and Death Certificates.

Hand written documents rely on differences in penmanship for comparison and, if original documents are available, the use of equipment such as stereo microscopes, ultra violet and infra-red equipment. ESDA is the leading technology for detecting indented writing on questioned documents. . Although there is no one formula which may suit all people or businesses, we are outlining here some tips for detecting and preventing fraud in your business.

Often we are asked to establish the authenticity of signatures or entries to documents. There are usually related to pre or current legal court actions and are critical in establishing a successful outcome. Our reports can be prepared as professional opinion or for reports which can be submitted as part of legal arguments. We ask that the documents concerned are supplied along with comparative specimen samples of the original handwriting, signatures, documents, etc. It usually takes approx. 12 days to turn around after which you are supplied with the outcome in the form of  a report and a  letter.

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