Most people know that human fingers can leave fingerprints on surfaces which is enabled via the secretions from the eccrine glands. These are markers to an individuals identity with the chance of another individual having the same fingerprint pattern at  1:64 million and as such is and has been used as a form of individuality for thousands of year.

More recently it has been a bedrock of forensic science used to eliminate or identify a culprit whose prints are found at the scene of a crime. Biometrics have harnessed and use fingerprints are recognition giving access to common items such laptops or door locks. Today fingerprint analysis is more commonly being used in private civil and corporate cases where doubt has been cast and we are called upon to help resolve issues that will not likely see a criminal prosecution follow but resolve sensitive cases where publicity is best avoided or confidentiality is absolutely required, which is why we avoid naming past or present clients for whom we act.


Dactyloscopy as the technique of fingerprinting used with the Henry classification to them match of eliminate prints which are compared. While fingerprints can be removed from the finger tips the residue DNA can’t be removed and is specifically unique to every individual in our global population thereby positively identifying the perpetrator/s.

Fingerprint-dustingWe can turn around our reports in 24hrs and advise that you call us in the first instance to discuss your requirement.

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