Electronic Software Surveillance

In these days, technology permeates every way in which we both work and socialise it’s difficult to know what information is being exchanged, electronic software surveillance offers clarity and insight. Businesses and private individuals can take steps if they believe that there is a potential risk.


Software programs now allow the constant monitoring of “target devices” either a mobile phone or a computer. The software will relay back information such as number dialled, calls recorded, GPS positions from a mobile phone or e-mails sent/received, webpages viewed or passwords used from a computer. The software is undetectable.

A business client who contacted us had been losing market share and reduced revenue, suspicion fell on an employee thought to be responsible. We were able to install then monitor the employee’s computer and phone, with the information we gathered a surveillance team was deployed and irrefutable evidence was obtained that the employee had been meeting with existing buyers but had not been selling the companies product but his own. It was proved that he had formed a company and was undercutting his employer.

In another case, concerned parents had noticed that their child was displaying unusual behaviour patterns which once we had monitored the devices a secret “Facebook” page was being used and it became apparent that the child was involved with a group who were using drugs, alcohol and frequenting clubs. We contacted the clubs concerned to let them know about the licensing regarding under age drinker and the parents discussed the matter with their child, which brought about a successful conclusion.

Electronic Software Surveillance Features

Mobile Phone
  • Call Tracking
  • Numbers dialled/received time dated stamped, duration and volume
  • SMS, stored in the cloud to avoid deletion on handset
  • GPS Location Tracking
  • Email Tracking
  • URL (Website) Tracking
  • Video & Photo Tracking (See all photo & video’s)
  • Call Listening LIVE
  • Environment Listening, dial in and listen
  • Keystrokes recorded
  • Chats/IM’s
  • Emails
  • Websites Visited
  • Facebook
  • Remote Viewer
  • Online Searches
  • Program Activities
  • Keywords alerts
  • Website blocking controls
  • Video stepped playback

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