Child Custody Investigations

The following details a child custody case. A mother was concerned that her child’s father was possibly mistreating their child on weekend visits. A surveillance operation was scheduled to observe the father and child over the following few weeks. The father and child were followed to an indoor children’s play area of a large shopping mall. This continued and regular reports were given to the mother.

childCustodyOn each 6hr observation the father demonstrated exemplary paternal care of the child. There were no concerns, as the hours passed it was noted how tired the child became leading to the child crying for his mother and saying he wanted to go home. The father and child would depart at these point, returning the child to his mother. On relaying the results to the client we were instructed to carry out further surveillance operations for the next two weekends. The pattern was repeated on subsequent paternal visits and again we stated that there were no concerns regarding the fathers behaviour and treatment of the child. Our result found that the child was suffering from mild exhaustion towards the end of the visitation, not as a result of the fathers actions but in part the child was suffering due to over-excitement and exertions during the visits.

We advised the mother to seeks resolution via a Counsellor to work out their differences and avoid additional legal expenses and court appearances. They eventually found common ground whilst avoiding huge unnecessary legal costs to benefit of their child.

Whilst our endeavours are not always this rewarding we have a duty of care to our client and always seek a positive outcome.

If you have any concerns with regards to your child welfare then we advise you contact us immediately.


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