Audio Surveillance Devices

Audio Surveillance Devices

Investigators Greater London have had a lot of clients asking for installation of Audio Surveillance Devices in private premises and private vehicles.Whilst installing in private premises you require a good place, out of view to deploy the device in what ever room you require the device to record in, however when dealing with vehicles a couple of things need to be taken into consideration; if the vehicle is quite new you can place the device almost any where, but making sure you avoid installing it near stereo speakers.

Commercial vehicles however are a very different prospect altogether, since you have an awful lot of background noise to deal with, We have found that when deploying in mini buses and other PSV vehicles the best place to deploy is behind the front passenger chair underneath the seat belt holder. Placing the device here cuts out the engine noise of most engines, even old diesels whilst being far enough away from the stereo speakers to capture all of your essential voice recordings.

Mini Recorders

At Investigators Greater London we recommend using these Audio Surveillance Devices devices , you will be amazed will the quality of the recordings, it’s size and weight.


These devices which are produced and distributed from Russia. operate a recording time of  300 up to 1200 hours depending on your recording mode If set up in Voice Activated System (VAS) mode the recording time can reach the 1200 hours, however if there is a lot of vocal activity your recording time will shorten, so you make sure you arrange for the devices to be swapped over whilst the old ones contents can be recovered and the unit recharged ready for your next swap over.

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