INVESTIGATORS GREATER LONDON. . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . +44 (0)333 444 2911 London's Premier Investigations Team

Who We Are..

Investigators Greater London (IGL) are a team of experienced private investigators and detectives providing a wide range of investigation and detective services to both private and corporate clients More

What We Do..

Our Services include Private Investigations, Corporate Fraud, Tracing missing people / goods / assets, Employee Investigation, Vehicle Tracking, Matrimonial & Family Investigations, Background Checks and Surveillance More..

Why We Do it..

In a personal or business situation your suspicions can be raised. But how to prove or eliminate these doubts? We gather the facts that clarify suspicion from reality and provide you with an absolute and conclusive outcome. More..

How We Do It

We use the latest technologies and well established techniques, such as surveillance, to allow us to gather information without detection, keeping you informed at each stage of the investigation with 24/7 progress reports  More..

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We Are Here To Help You.                 Get To The Facts.                That Reveal the Truth

Some Case Studies

Case 1

Case 1


Case 2

Case 2

Covert Surveillance

Case 3

Case 3



Client A says this

Client B

Client B says that

Client C says the other

Client D sats that

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