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Investigators Greater London are Private Investigators specialising in Surveillance, Private Investigation, Handwriting Analysis, Vehicle Tracking, Background Checks and Tracing for the Greater London Area

If you are looking for professional private investigators in the Greater London area, then Investigators Greater London are the agency for you. We are available 24 hrs a day to discuss how we can help resolve your case. We are able to respond at short notice in order to advise you on the best course of action to bring your investigation to a  successful conclusion. We will clarify for you fact from fiction, and either confirm your suspicions or eliminate your doubts and provide you with the information you need to reach a speedy, conclusive outcome for your business, or private matter at home or at work.

Our detectives’ backgrounds come from both the corporate world and the armed services and is combined with our qualified expertise in the various types of private investigations as well as our  ‘in the field’ experience  providing you with a top rate private investigations service . These qualities ensure that our Greater London Investigations are conducted in a discreet and professional way.

About Us

By using both well established investigative techniques and the latest investigative technologies, we can operate efficiently without detection. Using this approach allows us to effectively obtain the information you require.

At Investigators Greater London we offer a friendly, discreet and professional Private Detective service by using very experienced, highly trained, male and female private investigators from a variety  of cultural backgrounds. We are specialists in the fields of surveillance and vehicle tracking, employing the most effective detection techniques offered by the latest detection and investigative technologies. We can even provide you with real-time feedback as your case progresses by relaying information and imagery to you.

We operate across the whole of the Greater London area. We can also carry out investigations across the whole UK from our London base using associates spread all over the country. Whilst we are engaged on operations we can provide you with real-time feedback as the case progresses by relaying information and imagery to you. Clients can log on to a web-based program to review updates of their case 24 hours per day and 7 days a week. This allows us to give you conclusive results with greater speed. Investigators Greater London provides clients with hourly flat rate packages along with full written reports with clear time and date stamped images and HD Video.

Our Services


By using the best available surveillance equipment and the most up to date technologies Investigators Northwest have the capability to complete a successful reconnaissance either by foot, from a vehicle, or carry out covert close surveillance in buildings, bars or clubs.

GPS/GSM Tracking

GPS/GSM tracking devices can be deployed both as an alternative to or in alliance with surveillance in order to provide the precise location of a vehicle that is being tracked, within a matter of meters/feet. The devices are discreetly magnetically attached to the outside of the vehicle and therefore no access is required to the inside of the vehicle.

Family Issues

Family Issues are an extremely sensitive and occasionally very controversial investigations Service, which can be aggravated if confronted head-on. Securing yourself and your family is the primary focus in life and we can help you to resolve any concerns you may have with respect to your family members.

Infidelity Issues

If you have suspicions that you have Infidelity issues then Investigators North West are here for you. Your suspicions may well be true but how can you know beyond any doubt? This is the most common request that we receive and we are always able to give you the conclusive evidence you require either way. We supply video and still image evidence as part of a our written report for you.

Employment Investigations

Employment investigations can cover a wide range of areas. For example the employee may still be employed and is suspected of causing business losses either by straightforward theft or business intelligence, the employee could also be on long term sick leave, simultaneously working with a competitor or maybe even running a parallel business of their own.

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